Our aluminum door swing comes in either normal or high profile support for framing details that the Khac of the consumer segment. You can go for ordinary panels or decorate acrylic panels made of LD MA, polyglass or implicit. Each unique material has its own characteristics. Not like all the above, we have supplied glass laminated glass panels or sand glass for your selection.


Our Aluminium Swing Door come in both normal profile or high profile frame which cater for different group of consumer. You can go for plain acrylic panel  or decor panel which made of LD, Polyglass or ACP. Each material has their own unique characteristics. Dislike all the above, we have also panel in laminated glass, tempered glass or sandblast glass for your selection.


The Fletcher Aluminium Oakley Shop Front Systems are ideally suited for ground floor applications, shopping malls, car showrooms, supermarkets, banks, and retail outlets in general. The Shop Front Systems can be incorporated either internally or externally to a commercial site. Internally, the Shop Front is ideal for use as partitioning or wind lobbies for mall and arcade entrances.

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Quality Standard

Since the superior quality of the extrusion is derived from the purity of the billet, G9 cautiously selected our suppliers who invested in modern facilities. Our billet suppliers have earned an excellent reputation within the industry with their fine internal structure and superior finishing and state-of-the-art continuous homogenization process. 

Powder Coating consists of a mixture of polymers, pigments and other components, each chosen to provide the required by the end user. The basic idea is that if the surface of a component can be coated with the powder and then heated, the powder is able to melt and flow out to form a continuous coating. Nowadays, consumers can benefit from powder coating due to its durability, scratch resistance, gloss retention, weatherability, resistance to chalking, the unlimited range of colors, finishes, glosses and textures and it is an environmentally friendly finishing process. By using fully automatic electrostatic spraying process, the uniform coverage, minimum waste from overspray and low cost automation can be ensured. G9 is also an approved applicator for well-known powder coating suppliers such as Powder Coatings, Akzo Nobel and etc. We offer a wide variety of colors for architectural, industrial and consumer uses.


Nowadays, the requirements for architectural coatings are higher than before. Coatings for low-rise and high-rise buildings need more durability such as dirt pickup resistance, chalk resistance, color fade resistance, and UV degradation. Fluorocarbon coating is the solution for today’s demanding market. As a fully integrated aluminium extrusion supplier, G9 offers customers with a variety of colors from a recognized supplier such as PPG Industrial Coatings, The Valspa Corporation, Becker Industrial and G9 is an approved applicator compliance with JIS/ASTM/GB5237-2008 specifications onto architectural and panels for exterior works. “Fluorocarbon coating is the solution for today’s demanding market.”

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