• High quality G9 brand tested and certified by BI two types of customer tables.


  • PVDF composite aluminum standard material with high quality plastic core covered with aluminum sheet.
  • High quality paint from Becker Industrial. Lifetime 15-20 years


– Composite PE Composite Aluminum with High Quality Polyester Polyester
– Cover the film with a film to prevent scratches.
– Aluminum Composite is a hero of professional architecture in design
– large structural improvements.
– And office buildings as well as public utilities and buildings.
– Small offices today prefer to use these decorative materials added with composite aluminum panels.
– The structure consists of 2 sheets, typically aluminum sheets.
– Included with the plastic main material, the product is guaranteed for 10 years.

Usage Condition

  • External buildings such as walls, roofs, roofs, signposts, fortresses, pavilions, bus stops, etc …
  • Interior work, arm rests, pillars, beams and ceiling decorations, bathrooms, karaoke rooms, butt offices, etc …
  • Old-fashioned decoration in a short time.
  • Used in the work of lightweight wall, brick, partition, partition, partition, balcony.
  • Jobs for lab materials, chemistry laboratories, industrial machinery rooms


  • Strong against all weather conditions. But lightweight compared to other materials.
  • Easy to install with common tools. Save time on work, reducing construction costs.
  • Flexible bending can be made because the color is highly flexible.
  • The material looks new all the time, the color is not pale, the color is not cracked when bent to bend.
  • The material has a new look all the time, the color is not pale, the color does not crack when bent.
  • As a waterproof material Highly flexible Good shock resistance
  • It has insulation properties. It reduces the electricity cost of buildings of all sizes to a great extent.
  • Sound insulation Reduces audio throughput by up to 26 decibels, which is two times higher than conventional standards.

Sound reflection and vibration reduction are higher than the standard set.

  • Smooth surface with a variety of colors to choose from standard colors up to 36 colors and three colors to suit your needs.

Can be used to use common tools to install.

  • Can be used in the installation tools used in the installation.
  • Do not keep the moisture No mold, no rust and difficult to scratch.
  • Help save the environment Does not pollute Can be recycled
  • Care and cleaning.
  • The color has a special luster. Coated with the best resin Gloss 80% which is difficult to scratch.

Product Specifications

Total Thickness of Total Sheet 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and 5mm. Internal used PE
Total thickness aluminum plate 0.21, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 mm External used PVDF
Standard Product Width 1220 – 1250 mm
length 2440 – 3200 mm

Metallic, Solid or Special color coating customizes by customer